Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello all those British Quaker bloggers out there!

I've been talking to Jeremiah and Robin about what other British Quaker blogs exist and Robin suggested that I do a list. So, as a kind of addendum to Martin's list, here goes.

Martin mentions Simon's Under the Green Hill and Jez of The Friend's Quaker Street. I have a few more favourites including Jeremiah's Fire in the Bones , Heather's Still Life and Daniel's Sitting Down for Something.

More blogs I have just found, added to my Bloglines subscriptions [thanks for the tip Robin!] and am enjoying are A Tentative Quaker, Mister JTA's Electric Quaker II, Ray's Quaker-Buddhist Dharmakara's Prayer, Laura's Silentblog and M. Willis Monroe.

As Jeremiah notes quite a few British Quaker Meetings have blogs although most use them more as a kind of newsletter than in a personal, reflective way. Two exceptions to this rule which both have several contributors writing thoughtful and often challenging posts are Beeston Quakers and Sheffield Quakers.

So who have I missed? If you are a British Quaker and have a blog of any kind or if you would not give yourself the BQ label but still blog about British Quakerism or Quakers in general I would love to get in touch. Are there more of us out there and if not why not I wonder. Over to you!


Martin Kelley said...

Hi Gil: this is great! My list of bloggers is getting old (again) and I'll have to crib from this next time I have a chance to update it. It feels like there's an upswing of British Quaker blogging happening, which is great to see. Thanks for helping it along with this. I see a lot of people to add to my Google Reader (apologies to Bloglines).
Martin @ Quaker Ranter

Heather said...

Wow, a number of blogs I hadn't come across - thanks, Gil :)

(And thanks for including me, too :) )

Jeremiah said...

When is a Quaker blog not a Q-blog? There are a few British ones out there, but some mention Quakers only from time to time, even when they have 'Quaker' in the title, like the Quaker Fencer (William Penn might appreciate the idea:-) at http://kathz.blogspot.com/ - really a fencing blog rather than a Quaker blog.

There are others that look more quakerly but have gone inactive for a year or more.

Here's a couple of active ones:

Philip Austin's peace peaces at http://peacepeaces.blogspot.com/

and William Heath, who blogs mainly about government and public service but also about Quakers at William Heath's Blog at http://williamheath.net/

Scots Ali said...

hello Gil S, thanks to being inspired by your latest post, I've finally got it together to set up my own blogsite (The Auld Alliance) - I look forward to hearing that you got this message (fingers crossed!)

Gil S said...

Thanks Jeremiah for your suggestions and great to hear from Scots Ali too. I look forward to reading your posts!

satchild said...

Hi Gil, not sure if my blog should go on your list or not. I only started a blog recently. It isn't specifically Quaker, except that it's quite reflective...Anyway, I'm at http://phyllisw.livejournal.com/ if you want me!

Gil S said...

Many thanks for getting in touch Phyllis. Of course we want you. I'm notin the business of judging which blogs are the most Quaker. If the writer is British and Quaker, or wants to talk about Quakers then lets add them to the blogroll. I've added you to mine!

Jez said...

Quaker Street is now private view - I don't have time to manage it while I do all my other projects.

I've got a similar list going on one of my other sites.

best wishes,


Gil S said...

Thanks for the comment Jez, although I'm sorry Quaker Street has acquired a No Entry sign - I understand though.

Any chance you could post a link to your list?

In friendship

Laurie Kruczek said...

Hello Friend Gil!

Not a Brit, but sending a hello from Oregon :) Enjoying your blog, btw.

In The Light,

Gil S said...

Good to hear from you Laurie. I enjoy your blog too.


Paul said...

Thank you for this Heather. I'm new to Quakerism having only recently begun attending a local Meeting, but keen to connect with people - blogging is an excellent way to do that I've found!