Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Good intentions

Sometimes it seems as though I blink and a month goes by – or several months or a year sometimes. Does this happen to other people?

I was so happy when I discovered blogging and I really meant to write something regularly but lately I haven’t managed it. I began just reading other people’s and I did respond a couple of times but for several weeks now I haven’t even managed that. It’s been a case of ‘Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans.’ But I have just sat down and read through the Quaker blogs I’ve bookmarked with the help of Quaker Ranter and I’ve been so moved and realise what I’m missing so I’m going to try again.

Perhaps I should worry less and read and write more (or less) and see what happens. I’ll try to give myself a regular slot in the day too and try to share my life a bit more. Please bear with me and keep reading.


Peterson Toscano said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! It is so good to see another Friend on the net.

Martin Kelley said...

Hi Gil,
Don't beat yourself up too much. I find my blogging goes up and down. Sometimes I have three thought-provoking posts in a row and then stumble through a series of blander stuff (e.g., technicalities of blogging). It partly reflects how my own interests ebb and flow.

One of the nice things about blogs is that they're not another responsibility on the to-do list: write as you're led. My favorite posts usually follow a long shower or a long walk where I mumbled to myself the whole time!