Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quaker Alphabet Blog 2015-2016 - P for Procrastination

Procrastination is my besetting sin and writing a Quaker Alphabet blog was supposed to be a way of fighting it, so why have I not written anything for the blog for almost a year?

Part of the reason has been an unexpected health problem. Given my family history I might expect osteoarthritis (check), diabetes (check) or heart problems (not yet!). What I did not expect was acute angle-closure glaucoma which arrived in February and threatened the sight of my left eye. Swift referral from a splendid GP to an equally splendid eye hospital in Bradford meant that the problem was caught more or less in time and dealt with by laser treatment. I emerged feeling battered and uncertain and with a loss of some peripheral vision and this took much longer than I expected to recover from.

At least I now know which of my senses I really don't want to lose! I have spent a lot of time this year looking  - at people I love - at nature around me - at art, especially on Pinterest. I have been reading and researching too although now I am more aware of eye strain and try to take breaks, especially from the computer screen.

Now, with eye drops, regular checkups and the prospect of a possible cataract operation to relieve the pressure further I am feeling alright but I have found it too easy to put off regularly writing this blog. I am now determined to continue this alphabet to its end - but then I will have to find a new way of disciplining myself to write! I hope to reach Z again before the end of this year, but I'm not promising anything.