Monday, January 26, 2009

What I felt

I'm falling behind with my writing resolution as I thought I might, but here I am, only a day or so late.

I went to a felting workshop on Saturday and made a bag. Admittedly it is rather too big and without handles it looks more like a tea cosy, but I'm pleased with the colours - reds and browns. I shall put a wooden handle on it later and it probably needs more hand rubbing with water and soap.

I was very happy with the day. I learned several different techniques and spent time totally absorbed in looking at examples, choosing colours and then rubbing away at wet wool with soapy hands through a bit of net curtain until it turned into felt! I loved the metamorphosis and will have another go at the process, although next time I'll be working on much smaller pieces with jewellery in mind. It was good too to see the very varied pieces that the other participants produced.

The workshop reminded me how much I need to allow myself time to use the part of my brain which is not about words and to use my hands in other ways than bashing away at a computer keyboard. I am no artist but I love the process of trying to make things and of imagining what I might make.

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Heather said...

Felted jewellery sounds really interesting! :)