Sunday, March 16, 2014

Quaker Alphabet Blog 2014 - F for Facebook

Facebook and other social media often get a bad press in Quaker circles and those of us who use the site are told to go out and find some 'real' friends. But I have plenty of real friends on Facebook, both 'Big F' and 'liitle f' and I find it an excellent way to keep in touch. Of course I don't talk to all my 441 Facebook friends all the time but I do 'know' them all, either in person or through their writing and mine.

Quite a lot of these friends are in different countries, America, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa - and Scotland! Without Facebook I would never have a sense of their daily lives, their ups and downs and the great variety of their activities. I value too the insight into different expressions of Quakerism that this contact gives me. Where Quakers in the past might have kept up a correspondence with individuals I can maintain contact with a 'like' or a short comment.  

The links to blogs, websites and other Facebook pages which my friends post can also expand my horizons, even if sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by their sheer volume. I have also set up groups and pages which I maintain and which help to enrich my life - Skipton Quaker Meeting, Friends Historical Society and of course the Quaker Alphabet Blog 2014 project!

Facebook friendship is a two-way street in the same way as any friendship is. Just as I can send sympathy, prayers and encouragement to my friends in difficulty or distress, so they can do the same for me. I have sometimes hesitated to share my own troubles but whenever I have plucked up the courage I have to say that the response has been overwhelmingly positive and helpful.

Of course I also do quizzes, share silly pictures and videos and generally have a laugh on Facebook. After all that too is part of what friendship is all about!

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Luanne Hagee said...


I loved it! And I totally agree with you on this one.

What I enjoy the most with Facebook is the opportunity to meet such interesting Friends and to learn from them and share with them about our Quaker faith - I've been learning a lot. The connections I've made to Friends I wouldn't have otherwise been able to make a connection with.

HUGS my Friend!